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Full Set - Single (2 mounts 2 magnets)

Mounts are the same as those supplied with the Sanlaki Lite.


Full Set - Double (2 mounts 3 magnets)

Mounts are compatible with all full Sanlaki gunstocks.


Mini Set (2 mounts 1 magnet)

Trigger and reload mount converts a pipe to a Mini gunstock.


MINI Trigger

Single trigger mount that comes with the Sanlaki Mini.


Dual Reload (1 mount with 2 magnets)

Mount allows you to attach the 'reload hand' in an alternative position, which can further help with aiming. Comes as standard on most Rifle options. Please state your trigger hand (e.g you are right-handed, select trigger hand 'Right' and you will receive a left dual reload mount.


Single Trigger (1 mount with 1 magnet)

Trigger mount supplied with Rifle/Lite Gunstocks.


Single Reload (1 mount with 1 magnet)

Reload mount supplied with Sanlaki Lite.


All magnets are strong (90lb)


Sanlaki discord channel -

Sanlaki Magnetic Gunstock Mounts

PriceFrom £12.00
  • Return your item within 14 days for a full refund. The item must be returned as new and in its original packaging. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.

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