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"LITE Basic" offers the best value for a full VR gunstock.


"LITE PLUS" includes an upgraded adjustable buttstock and rotational blocker to improve your aim in games such as Onward.


A sling is required to use this gunstock, if you don't have one please select "Yes" in the addon.


Aim better in VR!


Perks of using this magnetic gunstock:
* COMPATIBLE WITH MORE WEAPONS (rifles, heavy, smgs, snipers)


Join the Sanlaki discord for tips:


Sanlaki LITE Gunstock

PriceFrom £60.00
  • What's included:
    * Single magnetic controller mounts - 2pc
    * 1/2" x 10" inch threaded metal pipes - 2pcs
    * 1/2" x 6" inch threaded metal pipe
    * 3D printed rifle parts

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