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Aim better in VR!

Perfect for people who want something light and portable.


Perks of using this magnetic gunstock:
* COMPATIBLE WITH MOST WEAPONS (rifles, heavy, smgs)


Why choose this?

Natural feel: the magnetic snap design is located on top
Easy installation: the kit snaps easily on the controllers - no extra tools needed!
Works with a wide range of weapons.


Sanlaki Mini Gunstock

PriceFrom £31.00
  • Practice unmounting and mounting the controllers before putting on your headset to develop muscle memory. Add a couple of layers of Gorilla tape on the magnets to dampen strength.

    Make sure your controller mounts are fully secure if you intend on throwing grenades or climbing walls (Pop one)

    Compatible with a range of games including Ghosts of Tabor, Pavlov, Onward, Contractor$ and more.


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